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If you are registering for the first time please enter your cellphone number ! SMS texts are a prompt to log into your profile and accept or decline each call assignment offered. No need to reply. * New added July 2018. If you are UPDATING your cell phone number, you must repeat the process to activate your new number or your original cell will still get these SMS alerts.

Please login with your credentials and click on MY PROFILE

Then click on the PENCIL

1-Update your personal info.

2-Change your username and password

3-Declare your skills (email to hiringhall@iatse205.org)

4-Dont forget to click EDIT EMPLOYEE to save changes

5-Accept the Security Certificate as an Exception !

Then click around and explore. Vist www.callsteward.com or facebook\callsteward to see some instructional videos.

Ed Hills, Owner/Partner Callsteward.com

ADDED 2-27-2019

Due to high call volume this coming month, please don't loiter! We ask that you accept or decline pending calls within 24 hours of receipt, contact your steward if you have issues that you need help resolving, update your availability with the Hall via email and utilize your recurring unavailability and or vacation manager to black out dates you are not available to work. Use the wish list feature to express interest in picking up shifts on a particular date or job and click the calendar icon to the right of FEB to view MARCH and lastly, check your skills bank and update us if you have any updates or certificates that are not listed

Thank you. Work Safe!

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